Developing the Future While Honoring the Past

MainStreet 407 Partners, LLC is a privately owned, full-service real estate development company that brings to the marketplace innovative projects built on integrity, excellence and community needs.

MainStreet 407 Partners’ commitment and work ethic dates back to companies formed in 1946 by Word War II veterans returning home from battle. In 1988, the then-principals of MainStreet 407 Partners acquired 7 design, engineering and investment companies from those veterans in order to provide a full turnkey solution to the real estate industry. The principals and their executive teams and dedicated workforce employees have worked tirelessly to become a dynamic and creative real estate industry leader. Their efforts, and the efforts of all those that followed the 1946 founders, have served to transition the original 7 enterprises (along with the additional companies formed to address environmental and other societal needs) into the current family of wholly-owned MainStreet 407 Partners’ companies.

What We Do

The MainStreet 407 Partners’ professional team has the ability to bring a project from concept through development or redevelopment to building permit, financing, construction, completion and property management, all with in-house professionals. Over the past 30 years, our principals have designed, developed and built and managed, for both their own account and for others, over 12 million square feet of completed projects worth over $4.5 billion, consisting of commercial, residential, institutional, faith-based and retail projects.

Faith and Community

We know how to utilize the real estate assets owned by the faith communities to generate the funds necessary to enable the faith communities to fulfill their missions and to provide for them financial stability and long-term security for their current and future mission needs.


Commercial and Retail

MainStreet 407 Partners has vast experience in the design and construction of commercial properties.  We have completed large-scale commercial projects, including senior care facilities, supermarket and big box anchored shopping centers and hospitality, food service, and industrial projects.



MainStreet 407 Partners has developed more than 25 large-scale residential projects nationwide. These projects include single family, multi-family and student housing developments.