Faith and Community

Funding Your Mission By Leveraging Your Faith Community’s Real Estate Assets

We know how to utilize the real estate assets possessed by faith communities to generate the funds necessary to enable the faith communities to fulfill their missions and to provide  for them financial stability and long-term security for their current and future mission needs.

MainStreet 407 Partners is comprised of a team of real estate development, architectural, engineering, legal, senior care facility and non-profit industry professionals committed both professionally and spiritually to facilitate the commercialization of the faith community’s real estate assets.

MainStreet 407 Partners has the financial resources, experience and community ties necessary to take the available real estate assets and, through several alternative real estate development structures, monetize the properties into income-producing resources.

MainStreet 407 Partners desires to create a close working real estate-based partnership with the faith communities, one in which the faith communities will not be asked to assume any financial risk or burden.


Each member of the MainStreet 407 Partners team has over 30 years of experience in his or her particular field or fields that ties into the development, construction, operation and/or  ownership of real estate projects. including the development of educational facilities throughout country. A representative listing follows:

  • Private, contract and charter schools
  • Pre-schools
  • Senior care facilities
  • The design and construction of over 150 faith-based real estate projects nationwide
  • The design, development and building of multiple residential and commercial projects throughout the continental United States
  • The development, financing and construction of over 2,000,000 sq. ft. of supermarket or large retail space throughout the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States

“Many faith communities are looking for additional financial resources in order to fulfill their mission.”