About Us

MainStreet 407 Partners designs, develops, builds, owns, and manages commercial projects throughout the Continental United States.

MainStreet 407 Partners is part of a family of companies providing full in-house design, construction, construction management and building and property maintenance and management services for all of the properties in our portfolio. Our connection with our “sister” companies enables us to maintain tight control over our design, engineering and construction costs as well as our construction and completion timetables. Through our “sister” merchant banking company, MainStreet 407 Partners can provide funding and financing for our projects, either via self-funding or through our sister company’s extensive investor contacts.

Each property/project purchased and owned by MainStreet 407 Partners as either a commercial enterprise, a build for sale or rental project or a land development property or redevelopment project is placed into a separate SPE (special purpose entity). The affiliated MainStreet companies help to bring the property/project all of the way from purchase to certificate of occupancy and then sale or lease with cost savings at all points resulting from MainStreet Partners’ ability to perform all required services in-house.

MainStreet 407 Partners’ approach maximizes opportunities for investors and partners and mitigates any potential risks across the MainStreet Partners’ multiple companies and projects.

Project developed by MainStreet407 Partners in Philadelphia

Principals and Board of Advisors

Each principal of MainStreet 407 Partners has over 30 years of experience in his or her particular field or fields of expertise that ties into the development, construction, operation, financing, ownership and operation of commercial real estate. Our team consists of engineers, designers, architects, developers, builders, real estate attorneys and property managers. The MainStreet 407 Partners team’s experience is deeply routed in the design and construction of major commercial /  residential properties throughout the Continental United States, with extensive completed projects in the senior care, faith community, hospitality, food service, retail shopping center and industrial sectors.

Our Board of Advisors is comprised of members possessing expertise in the healthcare, non-profit, education, funding and faith-based institution arenas.

Founder and CEO

Jeffery graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with an engineering degree and is a licensed Professional Engineer. Over the course of his career, Jeff  has started and grown an architectural/engineering firm from a local  DMV presence to a National Footprint. In addition, Jeff has started  and managed various real estate development companies that have provided development, design and construction related services. These projects resulted in over 12 million constructed square feet and valued at over $2.9Billion. Jeff has now created 407 Associates to become a complete design/development/management company.

Board of Advisors

Robert Vricella recently joined the MainStreet Partners team in 2020 as a member of the Board. Mr. Vricella is a independent Real Estate professional in the Washington D.C. suburbs. For the past 15 years, he has developed and invested in a diverse portfolio of properties. Prior to becoming independent, Mr. Vricella was in charge of real estate acquisitions for Toll Brothers for southern Maryland. Mr. Vricella brings a wealth of real estate knowledge to the MainStreet Partners team.